Install Aol Desktop Gold

What is AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL is an American web portal and online service provider based in New York City. It was founded in 1983. AOL was the company that evolved Internet in the mid ’90s. This company provided a dial-up service. The web portal, E-mail, Instant messaging and later a web browser were the services provided by AOL but it rapidly declined due to end of dial-up and beginning of broadband.

AOL Desktop is an internet suite produced by AOL written in C++. It integrates a web browser, a media player and an instant messenger client. Version 11 of AOL Desktop, currently in Beta, is a total rewrite but maintains a similar user interface.

AOL Desktop Gold is the upgraded version of AOL Desktop which was introduced in 2017. It is a paid version replacing the free version available for 4.99$/month.  It is easy to use, all-in-one desktop which includes mail, browsing, search content with the advanced features of security which helps the account from getting hacked. One can do email with their friends and family and can even browse the web, play cool games or can chat, etc. You can witness speed and reliability in this desktop software.

It also has the facility of automatic updates that replace the older versions which saves your time, memory and make it more intelligent. It also comes with 24x7 live support which makes easy for the user to make any query anytime. There is a trial period of 30 days as well of an AOL Desktop Gold subscription but you can cancel it before the trial period ends so that you won’t be asked for subscription charges.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows?

There are different ways to download AOL desktop Gold depending upon the plan membership.

Download AOL Desktop Gold

  1. If you are an AOL Advantage Plan member:
  2. Sign in to My Benefits
  3. Under “All Products”, search for the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’.
  4. Click “Download Now”.
  5. Follow the steps as instructed there.
  6. If you have an AOL Desktop Gold trial/subscription:
  7. Go to the website
  8. Sign in to My Account
  9. Click My Services/ Subscriptions.
  10. Click Get Started under “ AOL Desktop Gold”
  11. Follow the steps as instructed there.
  12. Using the link in the official AOL signup confirmation email you have received:
  13. Search for your inbox with the subject “Get started with AOL Desktop Gold”.
  14. Open that Email.
  15. Click the Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now.
  16. Navigate to your Downloads folder and click Save.
  17. Follow the steps instructed there.

Installation of AOL Desktop Gold For Windows

Install Aol Desktop Gold:

  • Click on Start menu or file explorer.
  • Double click the Install AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  • Click Install Now.
  • After the setup, there will be an option of Click here.
  • Your setup is finished and the product is ready to use.

How to Download and Install For MAC?

  1. Go to the official website to Install AOL Desktop Gold.
  2. Download the link from there.
  3. Log in your account and go to Products and services.
  4. You will find the link that reads “AOL desktop for MAC”.
  5. Select that and click on the ‘Download Aol Desktop Gold Now ‘option.
  6. Open the downloaded file and look through the terms of the agreement.
  7. Click Agree.
  8. Click Install
  9. Enter the necessary information
  10. You are ready to go.

What are System Requirements to Install AOL Desktop Gold?

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended
  • 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection

Why should we install AOL Desktop Gold?

There is an enhanced security feature that includes a two-step verification process which stops the chances of hacking. It provides the authorization and the encryption makes it makes safer, unreadable to anyone attempting to steal it. The Feature of Live support makes it livelier and you can talk to the experts 24x7 by phone or chat. You can get assistance from installation to desktop connectivity. You say it, they present the solution to you which makes it unique as well. The User interface is Convenient and easy to use which makes user-friendly. All the updates are automatically installed so that there will be no time waste of user and space on your computer as well. The design and features are kept simple to ensure a smooth transition to our latest version. The feature of Anti-phishing and premium security prevents the coming of spam emails. The leakage of data is reduced with an Anti-key logging feature. The contacts and favorites will be stored in the server of AOL desktop gold which will be accessible 24x7. Exporting and Importing of personal emails and data can be done from one computer to another. You can also enable and disable screenshot for protecting your private information.

Assist is the new feature added in this version which removes the malware and viruses from your computer.  It also removes junk and optimize storage and speed up the slow computer. Assist also help you to setup your devices etc. This Assist by AOL comes with the package of 139.99$/year which includes unlimited calls, tech support for nearly all the computers and devices in your home, etc on

AOL Security Central feature helps keep you, your family and your computer safe from threats. It combines the best antivirus programs to protect your computers, identity, and transactions i.e.

AOL Tech Fortress, McAfee Internet Security, Norton 360:

Block dangerous malware and viruses before they attack your PC.

Identity Guard, My privacy:

Remove your private information from the web, monitors the use of your personal information, alerts you to certain fraudulent activity, securely stores all your online passwords.

Privacy Wi-Fi:

PRIVATE Wi-Fi encrypts everything you send and receive, so no one else sees anything. It offers an added layer of privacy and anonymity. And best of all, it works in the background of your computer so your work is never interrupted.